Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Frobot Developer Bios - Joel Casebeer!

So Nintendo recently asked Fugazo to supply bios and headshots for all the Frobot team members. So I'll start today with Joel Casebeer and we'll be adding additional bios soon!

Joel Casebeer, Artist, Story, Dialog
In the floral hills of Lynnwood, where the waters of Mill Creek ran swiftly through the barrows of Hilltop, Joel explored the woodlands atop his faithful steed, Cheyenne. One day, while riding through the valley of the Royals, he discovered a deep and ancient forest he had never been to before. It was here that he discovered the Sword of 3DMax and followed the path it showed him into the future!

Taking up the Sword of Max, Joel knew he would first need to hone his natural talents, so he travelled to the halls of DigiPen in the kingdom of the Red Mond to spend two years among the hermits who resided there. Soaking up the knowledge of his fore bearers he gathered up a band of like-minded outcasts and challenged the great giant, Abbot of Smithton. Like Newton's apple, Joel's opponent fell proving himself ready to take on the world.

Since then Joel has brought joy and hope to people everywhere, from the labor camps of Handheld to the Crystalline towers of Robot Super Brain. Now he resides beyond the Green Lake in the temple of Fugazo, where his destiny is written by his own hand.

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